HP Printer Setup

123 Hp printer setup is very easy to perform, even if you are a new Hp printer user. 123 Hp printer setup process can be performed using three main ways  – Hp printer setup wifi, Hp printer wireless connect setup and 123 HP setup using USB. Now you must be wondering about the drivers – Where do I get the drivers from? No worries! If you want to download Hp printer driver for your printer, go to 123.hp.com You can even set up the Hp printer using the HP printer app. If you want to initiate your Hp printer setup process, you would want to visit 123.hp.com/setup page. This page covers some of the most common queries and topics that you would want to learn. Here are the topics list below;

  • 123.hp.com/setup
  • Hp printer setup wifi
  • Wireless printer setup Hp
  • 123 Hp printer setup
  • Hp printer support for printer problems
  • Hp printers troubleshooting
123 hp printer setup

Steps to Setup Hp printer 123.hp.com

123 Hp printer setup allows you to connect your printer to your home wifi network automaticallywith the help of Hp Wireless Connect. Now, you don’t have to go through the fuss of connecting wires and cables to different devices. All you have to do is, ensure that your wifi router is turned ON. Make sure you install the software for the printer first before proceeding to the Hp printer setup.

1.Go to the http://123hp.support/ page and enter the model number of your Hp printer to find the suitable driver. Download the driver to your computer or laptop.

2.For the Hp printer setup wifi, follow the instructions to instal the software on your computer.

3.Now, go to your printer and turn it On. Go back to your computer or laptop and launch the software that you just installed.

4.Now you will be asked to choose any one option between Ethernet or Wireless for the Network Connection type. You need to choose the Wireless option and click ‘Yes, send my wifi settings to the Hp printer’.

5.Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the 12 Hp printer setup process successfully.

Wireless printer setup Hp is possible if your Hp printer has a LCD display and you have an active wireless network at your home. Here are the instructions to start with the 123 Hp setup using a wireless network.

1.Go to your Hp printer and attach the printer power adapter to it. Make sure you plug your adapter into the power socket.

2.For the wireless printer setup HP, press the Power button on your printer to turn it On.

Note - In case you already have an Hp printer connected to your computer using a USB cable, make sure you unplug the USB cable and the Ethernet cable.

3.Now, go to the Network Menu on your Hp printer using its display.

4.Select the Wireless Settings option and then go to the Wireless Setup Wizard of your printer.

5.Let your printer detect all active wifi networks. Locate your home wifi network and attempt to connect your Hp printer to the wifi network.

6.If you are prompted to enter the WPS/WPA Network Key, make sure you remember it.

123 Hp printer setup using USB cable hardly takes a few minutes. You just have to visit the 123.hp.com page and download the driver for your printer. Full instructions are given below;

1.Go to the 123.hp.com and enter the model number of your Hp printer.

2.Find the suitable driver for your printer and attempt to download it to your computer or laptop.

3.You can also go to the http://123hp.support/ to get help downloading the driver for your printer and setting it up.

4.Once you download the software or driver for your printer on your laptop, launch it in order to install it.

5.After the installation is finished, follow the on-screen instructions and select USB when prompted to choose the connection type.

6.The 123 Hp printer setup will be completed successfully. Try to run a test print in order to ensure the printer is connected to the computer and is working perfectly well.

Printer connected but not printing

Printer connected but not printing is one of the most common issues that Hp printer users come across. If you also see the printer connected but not printing issue on your computer, do the following steps;

hp printers troubleshooting
  1. In the very first place, power cycle your printer, computer, wifi router.    NOTE – If you don’t have the wifi router, you can power cycle only your printer and wifi router.
  2. Make sure there is a paper backup in your printer. If you haven’t put papers inside the printer, it would not print anything.
  3. Please ensure your printer does not have paper blockage. Sometimes, paper gets teared inside the printer and does not allow your printer to print further.
  4. Make sure the Hp printer drivers are active on your computer or laptop. They should be there on your computer even after the 123 Hp printer setup is completed.
  5. Please check the cartridge. Make sure your cartridge has ink in it. If there is no ink inside the cartridge, your printer would not be able to print.

Hp printers troubleshooting

Hp printers troubleshooting is very important for you to know as a user. You should know how to troubleshoot issues when you face them in future. Here are some of the common troubleshooting steps that you need to remember;

  1. If you see the Hp printer not working, restart the printer and check whether there is sufficient ink inside the cartridge.
  2. Your Hp printer should not be out of pages. You always have to ensure a proper backup of pages in your printer.
  3. Hp printer not connecting? If the printer is connected through Hp printer setup wifi method, make sure you power cycle your printer and router.
  4. If you can’t identify the technical glitch that you are facing with your printer, uninstall all Hp printer drivers and reinstall them on your computer.
  5. Follow the instructions to perform 123 Hp printer setup on your computer again.

How do I set up HP wireless printer?

How do I set up Hp wireless printer is one of the most common queries from the Hp users. To perform wireless printer setup Hp, please ensure you have an active wifi network with internet connection at your home. If your Hp printer comes with an LCD display, you can easily connect it to your wifi network by going inside the control panel. Go to your Hp printer and navigate to the Settings. Go to the Wireless page and then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the Hp printer setup process. If you need any help while attempting to set up Hp wireless printer, you can visit www.hp.com/support printers web page.

Wireless printer setup Hp
hp support for printer problems ,

Hp support for printer problems

Hp support for printer problems is always there for your help. In case you come across any issue while attempting to configure or set up your new or old Hp printer, visit http://123hp.support/ website to get help. We recommend you not proceeding further if you come across any issue that you can’t resolve on your own. If you attempt to configure or set up your device on your own without knowing about the instructions, you may get into serious trouble. It is crucial for you to learn the instructions first and then proceed with the 123 Hp printer support or other printer configurations.