123 HP Printer Offline | HP Printer is Offline – How to Get Your Printer Back Online

HP printer is offline, How to get printer offline to online

HP printer keeps going offline Windows 10 - Complete fix

What is the reason behind Hp printer offline Windows 10? What do I need to do if my Hp printer is showing offline? These are some of the most common questions asked by Hp printer users across the globe. We suggest you doing the steps manually so as to bring the Hp printer offline to online Windows 10. Just in case you reset your HP printer, you’d be needed to reconfigure it. To perform a 123 Hp printer setup, visit the 123.hp.com setup. you’ll be able to even download the HP wireless connect software from 123.hp.com in order to perform the 123 Hp printer setup.

My Hp printer goes offline - How to solve this Hp printer error?

Did you ever bump into HP printer offline Windows 10 or HP printer connected to WLAN however offline? If you come across these issues, there are possibilities that you just may come across HP printer offline error someday in future. Hp printer offline Windows 10 error is usually occurring fault within the printer network. However the good news is that this issue will be solved by you easily. You’re only needed to follow the set of directions so as to bring Hp printer offline to online. Just in case you don’t wish to go through the fuss of troubleshooting difficulty on your own, be at liberty to contact us on our toll-free number and we will be there to resolve your issue.

Types of Hp printer offline Windows 10 issue

  • Hp printer offline processing command fault – This is the most typical kind of error that is received by almost everyone. Not solely with HP printer, it’s the foremost common issue with most printer brands on the market.
  • Hp wireless printer offline glitch – Wireless printer offline error is another most common issue and it tends to occur additionally on wireless printers.
  • Offline printer SNMP – The SNMP feature will cause you to undergo some serious issues on some occasions. SNMP options can cause multiple problems for your HP printer’s connectivity.

How do I get my printer online - Hp printer offline Windows 10

To bring 123 HP printer offline to online, you have to follow the common 123 HP printer troubleshooting guide mentioned below. If you see the HP printer connected to a wireless local area network however offline, you’ll have to reboot your wireless router and modem. Look below to begin with the 123 HP printer troubleshooting steps.

  • Generally, you face HP printer offline Windows 10 fault once the wireless network connection is slow or unresponsive.
    Try to reboot your wireless router and DSL modem.
  • Make sure that there’s no internal error on your HP printer. You’ll have to reboot it as well.
  • Please guarantee there are not any unfinished printing tasks on your printer.

The best way to bring HP printer offline to online

  • Click on ‘Printers’ after going to the configuration.
  • Now select ‘Use printer online’ after clicking on HP printer.
  • After going to the ‘Printer Menu’, click on ‘Cancel all documents’.
  • Be sure your printer is not running out of ink.
  • Check whether the wireless router is working perfectly well or not.
  • You need to take the cartridge out of the printer and ensure there is no paper jamming. 
  • Paper jamming can stop the functioning of your Hp printer
  • Power cycle your wireless router, DSL modem, computer, and Hp printer.
  • Disconnect your Hp printer with the computer and attempt to connect it to your laptop or computer again.

Fix your Hp printer offline error in easy steps

This section of the post will walk you through the 123 Hp troubleshooting guide. It may be a little complex for you if you are a beginner or never performed troubleshooting tasks before this. Please follow the 123 Hp printer troubleshooting carefully and properly. If you can’t walk through the Hp printer troubleshooting, give us a call on our toll-free number and we will help you walk through the troubleshooting steps.

Check cables and wires

  • Please guarantee each end of the USB cable is properly inserted into their respective ports.
  • Make sure the cable is firmly inserted wherever it has to be.
  • In case the HP printer is set up via wireless method, please ensure it’s connected to the wifi router.
  • Make sure there aren’t any signs of wear and tear on cables and wires going between the router, modem, and power outlets.

Remove all pending printing jobs

  • Go to ‘See what’s printing’ menu and click ‘Cancel’ to remove all printing jobs.
  • After removing printing jobs, select ‘Use printer online’.
  • If you can’t remove printing jobs, reboot the Hp printer and attempt again.

Reinstall the Hp printer

  • Go to the ‘Control panel’ and then go to the ‘Devices and printers’.
  • Now, select the ‘Remove device’ and select your Hp printer.
  • Remove all the HP printer drivers from your system by uninstalling them and disconnect your Hp  printer.
  • Now, reboot your HP printer and laptop.
  • Go to 123.hp.com to get the Hp printer drivers.
  • Install 123 HP printer drivers on your computer and perform 123 HP printer setup.

So this was all about Hp printer offline issues and some 123 Hp printer troubleshooting instructions. We recommend you stop if you are unable to go through the Hp printer troubleshooting steps. If you did anything wrong while troubleshooting, you may land into some serious Hp printer problems.

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